What information I need to fill a Truck Insurance Claim

What Information I need to fill a Truck Insurance Claim?:

Contact your insurance agent regarding filing a claim, he or she will require the following information from the insured.

  •             Evidence of a valid driving license authorizing you to drive the truck.
  •             A valid insurance policy with the correct start and end dates.
  •             A valid identification document with your names
  •             License plates of the insure truck and for the other vehicles involved in the accident.
  •             A legal residence address of the insured as well as the place of accident occurrence.

Moreover, if the driver of the truck can provide information regarding the conditions that caused the accident. Such information may include weather condition. One may also need to forward record tapes and pictures of the damages caused.

Important advice when filing a claim

When submitting an insurance claim, you will need to take into consideration the following critical issues:

  •             Report the damages to the insurer immediately.
  •             In a case where more than one insurance company are involved in the claim, share the information with both parties. This also applies to a situation where more that one driver is filing a claim.
  •             Continue paying your premiums for the insurance cover to cover further damages. Also. Protect your property and vehicle from further losses.
  •             Provide honest information about the occurrence of the accident you are claiming reimbursement. Always cooperate whenever the insurer requires additional information that is necessary for processing your claim.
  •             Once you file an insurance claim, allow the insurer to assess the situation and scene of the accident.
  •             Provide valid documentation of the required materials.

It is a good idea to record everything that has happened at the scene. For example, if you take pictures of all vehicles involved and jot notes about what happened, you can provide this information during the claims process.


Preventing Commercial Auto Insurance Claims

Ultimately, you want to avoid filing commercial vehicle insurance claims altogether. Clean claims records will save you money and keep your premiums low for years to come. While you can’t always predict the safest travel route, you and your employees can take certain safety measures to prevent accidents that are a result of ignorance. Here are some ways to stay safe on the roads:

  • Keep a safety checklist in all company trucks. Coach your staff members on safe practices. Simple measures like buckling seatbelts and using a hands-free phone can potentially save an employee’s life.
  • Make sure that all your company trucks meet safety standards. Check them regularly checked for efficiency (oil changes, etc.) If you own a business with multiple trucks, this can seem daunting, but will help save you money by avoiding fleet insurance claims.
  • Check the driving history of any employee you hire. An employee with a poor driving record is going to be a liability on the road and will be costly to insure.
  • Require your employee drivers to take safety training. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has several programs such as Operation Safe Driver and the Driver Excellence Award Program which promotes and rewards safe commercial drivers. Check with your local DMV or insurance company to see if any other programs are available to local businesses.

American Arrow Truck Insurance Services, Inc., Will help you in your claim process:

Once you purchase insurance, you will receive a claims phone number for your insurance carrier.  These are the numbers to call when you have a claim.

By reporting the incident when it occurs, it allows your insurance claims department to begin the process of handling the claim in a timely manner, to avoid any delays.  It also lets them set up and negotiate on your behalf, for the claims that you feel are not at fault. 

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